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Margaritaville Spirits

Margaritaville Spirits are inspired by the lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett. These tequilas, rums, and cocktails have become synonymous with a tropical escapism state-of-mind, where the everyday pressures of life take a back seat to fun. Margaritaville transports you to the islands where friends and good times rule. There is not a care in the world. And there is only one pressing appointment to keep, an occasional reminder to refresh yourself with a sip from your favorite Margaritaville cocktail!

Margaritaville Tequilas
The Best Margaritas Come from Margaritaville.

Margaritaville Gold and Silver Tequilas are premium imported tequilas produced in Arandas, Mexico in the state of Jalisco. Our blue agave is grown on the hillside which allows for a full flavored yet smooth body and mouth feel.

Nobody knows tequila and what mixes best with it like we do. Our authentic Mexican tequila is infused with the spirit of the tropics, transporting you to the place called Margaritaville. The perfect Margarita is made here everyday with a premium product distilled from the finest blue agave.

Margaritaville Flavors offer paradise with a twist! Escape from the everyday with Calypso Coconut, Island Lime, Tropical Tangerine, Last Mango, and Paradise Passion Fruit. These clear, premium products combine genuine Mexican tequila with naturally flavored liqueurs.

For more information about Margaritaville Tequila and Flavors, check out the official website: www.margaritavilletequila.com.

Margaritaville Rum
Escape Your World, Relax in Ours.

Margaritaville Premium Jamaican Rum takes you on a relaxing tropical adventure of island rhythms, ocean breeze, and fun times with friends. Hand-crafted for extraordinary quality and taste complexity, our Silver, Spiced, Coconut, and Dark Rums are sure to become an exceptional addition to your Margaritaville experience.

For more information about Margaritaville Rums, check out the official website: www.margaritavillerum.com.

Margaritaville Cocktails
Make Friends, Not Drinks.

Warm tropical sunshine at your back, a frosty cocktail in your glass and friends by your side…Escape to the islands with Margaritaville ready-to-drink Margaritas and Mojitos. Enjoy their smooth and refreshing taste on the rocks or frozen. Taste and experience the luscious flavors for yourself- Classic Lime, Last Mango, Passion Fruit, Lemonade, Cranberry and Skinny Margaritas; as well as Classic, Watermelon and Pomegranate Mojitos. A tropical escape in a bottle!

For more information about Margaritaville Ready-to-Drink cocktails, check out the official website: www.margaritavillecocktails.com.


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